New website update in progress 2014

After 12 years we have now switched to new website design software with a new header and new posts/blogs presentations. Click on photos to enlarge them. Videos may be added soon. The content of this website is quite large in size and I hope to have it all uploaded by the end of October.

1994 Nissan GQ RX 4.2D

Travelling Set-up 2014

Over the past 10 years I have towed a trailer and later a caravan but have now cut back as I am only doing solo trips these days and mostly to hard-to-get-to remote destinations Vehicle: 1994 Nissan GQ RX 4.2litre diesel Bought 2nd-hand in August 2004 for $13,000 with 265,000km on the speedometer. Current (August […]


Australia Traversed 1968-2014

I was born in South Africa and spent my youth reading books about adventure and dreaming about far away places. I started driving my dad’s car at the age of 8 and had to wait another 10 years to get my driving licence. My first car was an Anglia 100E in 1963 and since that […]

O'Grady's Well

Lylalya / O’Grady’s Well 2014

Back in the 1970’s I was talking to a bloke about exploration by European explorers and the name of Michael Terry came up and that of a place called O’Grady’s Well and its unique construction. Over the ensuing years I have read most of Michael Terry’s books on his exploits throughout Australia and have attempted […]

Yandama Bore

Farina to Hawker Gate 2014

I was privileged to be invited along for this journey by Ron and Viv Moon, authors of many Australian Guidebooks. We have been friends for years but had never done a trip together and this was a good opportunity to join the group, which included their long-time friends Neil and Chris, from Western Australia. It […]

Happy Campfire

Centre Bush Tracks 2014

Heading north along the Stuart Highway out of Alice Springs and through the undulating hills which surround the town, it isn’t long before you see the sign that denotes that now there is no speed limit. The vast distances to travel, between towns and roadhouses in the Northern Territory, has made for the re-introduction of […]


Dingoes of Alalya 2013

      I always seem to miss something that may be important when visiting a place. Last year when we were at Alalya Waterhole, also known as Thomas Reservoir, we walked in from our camp for a distance of about two kilometres. I was quite tired after such a walk with my prosthetic knees […]


The Tarn of Auber 2012-13

This tale is almost mythical. It dates back to October of 1872 in Central Australia. The modern day explorer, Ernest Giles and two companions started off from Port Augusta on a quest to seek out good pastoral lands. This expedition was sponsored by Thomas Elder and William Hugh of South Australia. On their return trip […]


Arnhem Land 2012

  Even today there is still scant information on Arnhem Land. Access to visit the region has become easier and a steady stream of visitors, mainly recreational fishermen, have come to the Gove Peninsula. Research via the Internet and other publications only gave a glimpse but I found out that we needed two permits to […]

Hells Gate Pass

Hells Gate Pass 2012

It is but a stone’s throw out of Alice Springs but once you leave the verge of The Old South Road and round the corner in past Pinch Bore, you may think that you have left civilisation as you know it and that you are now in really remote country.   On a typical winter […]

Princess Parrot

The Princess Parrot 2012

You know the saying……..If I had done that instead of that, then something else would not have happened. And so it goes. After breakfast on our last day in the Cleland Hills I said to Bill that it would be nice to take a walk over to the escarpment on the other side of the […]


The East Kimberley 2012

The road is swarming with tourists driving singular or towing camper trailers or vans from mini size (our size) to humungous 30 footers and 5th Wheelers. Then there are those in Buses and Winnebago’s. Where would we find a camp tonight? The first place we came to was already filling up only about 40km from […]