RESTLESS/Chapter 9

1995 to 1999
On the road making and selling craft
Peterborough 2000 - 2005
We had hardly shaken the dust off our travels around Australia when we were off to spend some time with friends in South Africa and from there we flew to London for a week and then on to San Francisco to visit my brother Bernie and his family and on the way home we spent a week in New Zealand. Quite an exciting time.The Y2K had come and gone and all our fears had been allayed.

On our return to Australia, it snowed in Peterborough. When we bought the house, the weather was nice. Warm days and mild nights. We had forgotten about winter and the fact the small hamlet of Yongala, ten kilometres to the south, was the coldest place in South Australia!

I also discovered that there was an issue with my Mother’s Will...

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Willie Kempen.

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