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My name is Willem Kempen and I am a descendant in this DÜMMER Family.


Great excitement today 27th September 2016  with an email from Klaus-Dieter Beckmann who is also a Dümmer descendant, of a photo of our Great Great Grandfather Friedrich Heinrich Dümmer. With a link given to  a genealogy site I am now able to go back in the Dümmer history to earlier times

Arndt Grotholtmann married Anna Liesebeth Hagen

They had one child: Johann Heinrich Grotholtmann Genannt Dümmer born 1738 in Ladbergen and died in 1786 in Lingen Emsland Niedersachsen, Deutchland (Genannt means I call myself this name)

Johann Heinrich Grotholtmann Genannt Dümmer married Eberhardine Beata Dümmer
born 20.01.1748 died 20.01.1824

Children: Friedrich Adolf Lambert Dümmer *1770 +1823
Amalia Sophia Beata Dümmer *1773
Johann Heinrich Dümmer *1776
Anna Maria Dümmer *1780+1822
Johann Herman Dümmer *1783
Mannlich Dümmer *1786+1786

Friedrich Adolf Lambert Dümmer married Anna Gesina Dreier +1812
Their child Johann Freidrich Dümmer *1811 +1812

Friedrich Adolf Lambert Dümmer married Anna Maria Dorothea Driemeyer born 1798 and died 1865. They had one child Friedrich Heinrich Dümmer *1819 +1902

Friedrich Heinrich Dümmer *15.11.1819 +19.02.1902 Lingen married Sophie Frederike Clasina Rathsmann *30.09.1810. They had 4 children

Children: Friedrich Adolf Heinrich Dümmer *1845+1870
Sylvester Wilhelm Dümmer * 1847+1848
Johann Heinrich Dümmer *1848+1904
Arnold Wilhelm Dümmer *1851 in Lingen

Arnold Wilhelm Dümmer married Auguste Dorothea Martienssen.

Children? Wilhelm Eduard Ernst Dümmer *02.01.1882+02.05.1944

Wilhelm Ernst Eduard Dümmer was born on 2 January 1882. He practised Law as an Attorney. He married Cornelia Johanna Elizabeth Lochner in 1911. They had four children. Wilhelm died at Somerset West on 2 May 1944. Cornelia died at Somerset West on 17 September 1950

Cornelia Johanna Elizabeth Lochner born 29 January 1884 was the fifth of fourteen children of Johannes Tobias Albertus Lochner and Helena Johanna Francina van der Westhuizen. The Lochner family in South Africa date back to Johann Georg Lochner who was born in Grünstadt, Mannheim in 1740, and arrived at the Cape as a soldier on the 12 August 1765. At the Cape he married Johanna Geertruyda Verbeek and eventually they owned farms at Diep River. Later the family moved out to the Swartland and farmed around Malmesbury and Moreesburg.

Cornelia was an inveterate collector of things and loved going to trash and treasure sales.

Cornelia Lochner’s younger sister, Helena Johanna Francina Lochner, the eleventh child in this family, became the well known Afrikaans writer of children stories and many books were published. She was fondly known to us as Aunt Molly. She never married and died in 1951 at the young age of 59.

The children of Wilhelm Dümmer and Cornelia Lochner were:

Helene Dümmer born 17 August 1912

Frieda Auguste Dümmer born 4 April 1915

Arnold Wilhelm Dümmer born 15 December 1916

Ewald Lochner Dümmer born 23 March 1920

Helene Dümmer, a University Lecturer, married John Kipps, born 23 October 1906 died 14 October 1954. Helene died 17 March 1962.

Their children are:

Pamela Kipps born 21 March 1943

Steven Lochner Kipps born 20 June 1944.

Pamela Kipps is a highly skilled physiotherapist and runs her own practice. She married Geoffrey Spearing Hansford, a University Lecturer, on 13 December 1965. They divorced at a later date. Geoffrey Hansford died on 16 May 2010

Their children are:

Anthony John Hansford born 6 December 1969

David Thomas Hansford born 22 February 1972

Anthony Hansford married Lisa Hullock on 30 January 1998.

Their children are:

Joshua Thomas Hansford born 31 May 2000
Adam Hansford born 9 January 2004

David Hansford married Lynn Bird on 1 November 1997. They divorced at a later date.

Steven Lochner Kipps, a specialist in the transport industry, married Jennifer Lynn Fisher-Jeffes, born 29 December 1949 on 4 August 1972 at Cape Town. Jennifer, a qualified horticulturalist runs her own garden maintenance business.

Their children are:

Giles Lochner Kipps born 7 December 1974. He died at the young age of 24 years on 20 March 1999.

Donna Helene Kipps born 1 August 1977. Donna graduated as a journalist and works in the media industry.

Frieda Auguste Dümmer married Bernie Johannes Kempen on 1 August 1942 at Rondebosch . Bernie practised as an attorney in his own firm of Kempen and Kempen at Victoria West. He was Mayor of Victoria West for thirty years. He died on 1 August 1974 at Victoria West. Frieda was a very talented person. She was the best student in the Cape Province in her Matriculation year. She attended the University of Cape Town where she obtained the degree of Batchelor of Arts Honours majoring in Applied Mathematics and Latin. She worked as a school teacher before and after her marriage. She died at Victoria West on 6 September 1999 at Victoria West.

Their children are:

Willem Hendrik Kempen born 7 June 1943 at Victoria West. Willem is a Jack of all Trades putting his hand to many ventures and having lots of adventures. He is a skilled writer and has many travel documentaries published. He married Judith Kay Johnston on 28 June 1969 in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Judith spent her working life in Advertising and Sales. In her retirement she has continued with her hobby of painting, increased her passion for cooking and spends many hours in her garden.

Julian Lochner Kempen born 13 September 1949 at Victoria West. He died on 10 May 1958 at Victoria West from complications whilst suffering from Laryngitis.

Bernie Johannes Kempen born 15 August 1952 at Victoria West. Bernie is an Attorney. He specialises Family Law in the USA.

He married Debra Lee Brown on 8 September 1984 in California.

Their children are:

Brendon Joshua Kempen born 1 May 1985

Lyndon Charles Kempen born 9 July 1986

Bernie and Debra divorced in 1989

Bernie married Kathleen Elizabeth Mohr on 20 May 1989 in California.

Their children are:

David William Kempen born 13 May 1992

Nicholas Thomas Kempen born 27 July 1994

Arnold Wilhelm Dümmer married Phyllis Marjorie Holgate, born 9 December 1920 at Harrow, England. Arnold worked in the banking industry all of his life and was a Bank Manager for many years. He died on 26 November 1982 at Howick, Natal. Phyllis died 16 January 1998 at Pietermaritzburg.

Their children are:

Vincent Sherborne Dümmer born 12 September 1948.

Arnold Neil Sherborne Dümmer

Vincent Dümmer married Jill Huntington, born 6 December 1952 at Barberton.

Vincent owns an Import/Export Company.

Their children are:

Karen Joanne Dümmer born 30 August 1978

Kirsten Bronwen Dümmer born 30 August 1978

Christopher David Dümmer born 21 January 1986

Neil Dümmer married Anne Maritz. He died on 11 October 1999 in Pietermaritzburg.

Their children are:

Ian James Dümmer

Robyn Lindsey Dümmer

Ewald Lochner Dümmer was an eccentric character. He obtained a trade in carpentry and in his late thirties he went back to University and achieved a Law degree. He became a partner in one of South Africa’s leading law firms. He married Marie Anna Smith, born 24 August 1925 at Stutterheim. and she died in Pretoria on 1st September 2019 He died on 12 November 1983 aged 63. Their children are:

Mary-Anne Dümmer born 26 March 1961 at Pretoria

Steven Nicholas Dümmer born 11 December 1962 at Pretoria. Steven died 17 June 2006 in Pretoria

So, here is the very short genealogy of this Dümmer Family.

If you have any other information on this family that you may want to contribute to this database then please email me

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