Immelman Family

This is a brief account of the Immelman Family of Victoria West and their relationship with the Kempen Family of Victoria West. (My thanks to Anita Immelman Upton for her valued contribution)

Dirk Wouter Immelman *22nd March 1840 + 28 December 1906. He married Jacoba Madalena de Klerk.

They were married for 45 years and had 7 children, 4 sons & 3 daughters

Jacoba Madalena de Klerk.
No information


Johanna Cornelia born 1861 at Buffelshoek Farm married Johannes Hendrik Classens of Gemsbokfontein Farm They had 4 children.

Johanna Cornelia Immelman Johannes Hendrik Claassens


Jacoba Magadlena (Cosie), born 5th March 1882, married Willem Hendrik Marthinus Abraham Kempen
Maria Hugo Claassens (Aunt Meraai), born 18th March 1884. She married Vincent Charles Cloete.
Jacob Johannes Claassens,born 6th April 1887. He married Joan Mary Hofmeyer.
Johanna Cornelia Claassens (Aunt Jo) was born 23rd December 1891. She married Johannes Hendrik Wicht.

Annie Maria Elizabeth born 1863 at Maanhaarspoort Farm married Johannes van Heerden.

Dirk Wouter Christiaan born 1865 at Oorlogsfontein Farm married Catharina Hough. First farmed on Oorlogsfontein, which he inherited and then later bought Modderfontein. They had 3 children.

Catharina Hough
No information


Dirk Wouter born 1886. He went to England during WW1 and marriedan English girl.

Jacobus Hendrik ( Koos or Jack) born 1888 married Sheila Alexander. Jack played rugby for The Springboks Rugby Team 19-12-1923. Had one son, Douglas, who married Lydia Erlank

Christiaan Johannes born 1890 married ? But had daughter Anna van Rooyen and son Dirk Wouter, who retired in 1987 as Director of Agriculture, his sons are Christiaan Johannes and Pieter Willem Immelman.

Christiaan Johannes born 1869 at Leeuwfontein Farm. He married a Miss van der Westhuizen.
They had 2 sons and a daughter.

Dirk Wouter- no childrfen Christiaan – never married.

Lettie – never married.

Pieter Jacobus born 1872 at QuaggasfonteinFarm married Johanna Lubbe from Van der Waltspoort. They lost 3 of their children in 8 days due to illness. Christina, Wouda and Jemina.

Other children were:

Willem Schalk Lubbe married Madelena Petronella Terblanche (Lena) they had no children

Jacoba ( Cosie) married Frederick ( Frikkie ) van der Merwe, they had Willie and Piet ( Pallas ) and both had no children.

Pieter Jacobus then divorced Johanna Lubbe and married Maria Susanna Venter born 1849. She was daughter of Andries Albertus Venter. They had 7 Children (a) Omnis (b) Stella (c) Pieter Johannes (d) Vera (e) Andries (f) Alma (g) Christiaan.

Jacobus Abraham born 9th November 1881 also known as Kowie at Brakvlei Farm. He married Anna Margaretha Stoffelina Kempen. They had 3 sons. He died 10th April 1956.

Anna Marguerita Stoffelina Kempen

Born 6th August 1882 died 22nd September 1962


Dirk Wouter 1906-1963 married Ellen Leisching. 3 children. (1) Jacobus Abraham (2) Anne (3) Louise

Ellen died when Louise was about 3. He then Married Elizabeth Christine Slabbert ( Betsy). They had a son

(4) Dirk Wouter (Dickie) born 1954.

Johannes Bernardus (Hannes) 1913-1926 he died at age 13 of pneumonia.

Jacobus Abraham (Braam) (Eendvogelfontein) 1922-2004) married Elizabeth Petronella Terblanche (Elbie) 1925. They had 4 children.

(1) Elizabeth Deborah 1948 married Jacques Pierre de Mowbray Niehaus (Jake) they had 2 children.

(1a) Liezel Rhona 1971 married Dirk Stoffberg (now divorced)

(1b) Charles de Mowbray 1973 married Jennifer Stainforth they have 2 children. Chloe Niehaus 2008 and Thomas de Mowbray Niehaus 2011.

(2) Jacobus Abraham (Kobus) 1950 married Rene Theron 1953. They have 2 children.

(2a) Elizabeth Leigh 1980 married Willem Brits, they have 1 son, Ruan Brits 2008.

(2b) Jacobus Abraham (Braam) 1981 married Lindie Lategan. They have 3 children, Jacobus Abraham (Cobus) 2009, Johannes Petrus (JP) 2010, Annelise Lea
21st January 2013. Braam played rugby for W.P and also in France (Toulouse) and in Italy (Rovigo) he played club rugby.

(3) Frederick Bernardus (Derick) 1955 married Karen Lubbe 1966, they have 3 sons.

(3a) Derick Wade Immelman 1988

(3b+c) Jeandre and Delaine Immelman (twins) 1991

(4) Anna Marguerita (Anita/Nietie) 1957 married Gregory Francis Upton 1954 they have 2 daughters.

(4a) Jade Upton 1985

(4b) Che’ Upton 1988

Elsie Sophia (Tant Ellie) 1883 married J.H. van der Merwe. They had a daughter, Dalene van der Merwe and she married Andrew Le Roux.

This photo was most likely taken at the wedding of Ben Hugo and Anna Kempen on 14th July 1909

Back Row:
Guilleaume(Giel) Kempen, Willem(Willie) Kempen, Anna Kempen, Jacobus(Kowie) Immelman, Johannes Du Toit

Middle Row:
Johannes(JB) Kempen, Vera Kempen, Jacoba (Cosie) Kempen nee Claassens, Anna(Annie) Immelman nee Kempen,
Dirk Immelman, Anna Kempen nee Du Toit

Benjamin(Ben) Hugo, Bernie Kempen, Anna Hugo nee Kempen