RESTLESS/Chapter 21

I am pleased that 2020 is done.
January and a visitor arrived from the USA for an 8 day visit. We rolled out the red carpet and showed off the essence of rural South Australia and some outback. Took this person to places where a Cell phone does not work 🙂
February and we toured the Fleurieu Peninsula with our van in tow
Then the world had a meltdown and we Self Isolated ourselves at home, sticking to the COVID rules for March, April, May.
At the end of May I went to Adelaide for a Bladder Cancer checkup and came home with an excellent report. After that I started shifting all my Hospital business to our regional city of Port Pirie which shaves 240 km off my round trip to the big city and PP has most of the services that we need.
June and Jude fell over and broke her wrist. Ambulance to our hospital and then Royal Flying Doctor Service Jet to Adelaide ( we now have a sealed airstrip with pilot operated landing lights). Ambulance Insurance Cover, covered all expenses.
July and I decided to sell the Datto as getting in and out of it was becoming problematical. It went to a good home and the young fella and his young fella will look after it and enjoy taking it out bush.

Datto 1995 Nissan Patrol 4×4 Automatic

My electric wheelchair, now with worn tyres I cannot replace was becoming too difficult to control around the house and we, by consus, decided to buy an indoors Scooter while Jude was nursing her wrist. After various searches and enquiries I realised that these machines are made in China with absolutely no parts back-up. They are throw away items. My mechanic Andy and I will build some sort of vehicle out of them in 21. I rearranged my room for the umpteenth time and now have an amazing living space. I do not think that I can improve on this one!
We had asked our Kennels Mistress, Tracy, to look out for a Blue Heeler Dog as we missed our Jeddah so much we need another one for company. This was in 2018. August 20 and we got word of a litter at our neighbouring town of Orroroo and on September 11 we picked up Pepper Spice. What a beautifully natured female dog which we are hard at training. Modesty Blaise, our 8 year old Kelpie has become a friend with her too and they play the most outrageous games and very noisily, at that.
This year I sold my 2nd beloved Datto and we sold our caravan. The yard looks empty. We bought some planter boxes for me to start a vegie garden and this has happened. We added to a flock of Chickens and Jude has been growing baby chickens. Not all have survived. Pepper Spice got 3, One drowned 1, a cat got 1. Five have survived 🙂
Ron and Viv Moon visited twice in fleeting visits
Steve and Denny Dann on their way to Darwin
Stefan Fisher came by, I think

We have stayed healthy, except for sharp puppy nails and teeth and we have sported multiple cuts and bruises but things are improving as the pup grows and grows and GROWS

We are both well and healthy, physically and mentally. I lean on Jude a bit and she leans on me a little and the antics of the dogs keep us sane.
Come on 2021…hope that better outcomes are there for the whole of mankind

Realisation and Recognition

Realisation has happened already but I need to reiterate it.
I realised back in 2017 that my mobility issue was shifting. Maybe it was caused by endless and relentless bouncing whilst driving over spinifex clumps!
In January of 2018 I went on my last 4×4 trip with old mates Ron Moon and Glenn Marshall who took me on an explore of the High Country in Victoria. I had lost my walking staff in Queensland and now I was on a walker to walk around keeping me on an even keel.
In March 2018, I had a ‘Sciatica Event’, ambulance to the Hospital and then I was told to take two Panadol and go home. But my walking days were over with my legs not being able to support my weight due to neuro interference in the nerves of my neck, back and legs. Then I received a letter from the Royal Adelaide Hospital that what I had described in in my application via my GP did not warrant attention by a Specialist and that they were taking my name off the Wait list. This letter arrived 2 years, 4 months and 8 days after it had been lodged. In the mean time, however, I was able to see a Neuro Specialist through caring friends  I have in Melbourne, and their contacts in Adelaide who investigated and then showed me with the help of a MRI what my ailments are and that I was on the wrong side of the spectrum to have my back fiddled with. Pain killers such as Naproxen, Lypralin and Zydol,    an Opiate, are the order of the day. Then there is Sozol to combat interference of the various chemicals within my gut. And I need to take a laxative to combat the effects of the drugs in my food intake.
The local doctors showed little care from 2013 to the present and I had to endure multiple appointments with locums and locals to nut out a painkiller regimen over this time.
Over the past two and a half years I have become disabled, mainly due to being stuck in a wheel chair and not exercising I have to depend on my wife and best friend, Jude, to look after me. I am still able to shower and wash myself, dress myself, make the bed, water the Vegie Patch and Drive the car. Jude gets a Carers Allowance which pays $0.78 per hour for the 168 hour week. It all helps.
Judith and I did two more caravan trips in 2o19 and 2020 and by then I had recognised that where I am at is where I shall stay and just slowly deteriorate. 4×4 Trips and towing holidays had come to an end. It was time to sell the caravan and we soon found a punter. The yard has so much space now!
Jude goes to her Crochet Knitting group once a week and I go to the Men’s Shed once a week. It gives us much needed interaction with other people. This is where both our mothers fell down on by isolating themselves.
In a previous life in the 1970’s, Jude and I ran a Café and Cinema in South Africa and in 1982, whilst on holiday in South Africa, I saw a business opportunity in the early days of Videos and Beta Video machines and we had a lot of fun and provided an opportunity for the locals as well as for the oppressed peoples of my birthplace, to enjoy movies. I then sold the business 18 months later and returned to Australia in 1984.
Now we are back watching Movies and TV Shows provided by Netflix and and computerised Smart TV’s. We have one Smart TV each in our separate bedrooms, and earphones and for now it costs $16 per month to be entertained which is good value.
Yes, we are now the Elder Generation, and we are being cared for in our own home by an Aged Care Provider.
So things are looking up as we see out our twilight years in The Lucky Country
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