RESTLESS/Chapter 19

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At the end of February we drove to Adelaide for a CT scan and Blood test. Result will be consulted in Adelaide on 14th March.
I have been taken off the Bladder Scrape list at the Lyell McEwin Hospital. I just don’t trust them to do a safe procedure.

The oncologist told me that the scan and blood test showed no sigh of cancer. So that is good. The radiographer however insisted on a cyctoscopy.

After a good night’s rest, I am feeling good this morning.

As I told you some weeks ago that I was clear of cancer, the doctors still had to make doubly sure inside the bladder as it does not always show up on the scan

12th April 2019

At my previous cystoscopy in June 2018 there were some ‘unknown things’ (necrotic tissue) attac...

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