RESTLESS/Chapter 19


At the end of February we drove to Adelaide for a CT scan and Blood test. Result will be consulted in Adelaide on 14th March.
I have been taken off the Bladder Scrape list at the Lyell McEwin Hospital. I just don’t trust them to do a safe procedure.

The oncologist told me that the scan and blood test showed no sigh of cancer. So that is good. The radiographer however insisted on a cyctoscopy.

After a good night’s rest, I am feeling good this morning.

As I told you some weeks ago that I was clear of cancer, the doctors still had to make doubly sure inside the bladder as it does not always show up on the scan

12th April 2019

At my previous cystoscopy in June 2018 there were some ‘unknown things’ (necrotic tissue) attached to the bladder wall and the then specialist, wanted to scrape my bladder and I refused as it had been done before and the thing I dread is them cutting the wall of the bladder and then I would have to wear a bag.

Instead I went on an extreme diet and cutting out added sugar from coffee and tea, and eating sugary items like jam etc This was on internet advice from a naturopath doctor.

Yesterday’s invasion saw no sign of the ‘unknown things’ (necrotic tissue) and there was only a small calcification bubble on the bladder wall. That is why a biopsy is needed. But I think that my special diet has assisted the disappearance of the ‘unknown things’.

On another note, I do not drink enough water. Years of driving around in the deserts taught me to survive on little water, but that may explain why the calcification in my bladder is there.

So next week I will be seeing a podiatrist here at the Medical Centre, Peterborough and a specialist optometrist in Port Pirie.

The podiatrist said that my feet were OK and she clipped my toenails.
The Specialist Optometrist said that I had Glaucoma and that I now needed to put eye-drops in every night for the rest of my life

One afternoon I had about 300 ml cool-drink Lemon, Lime and Bitters. My bladder reacted so that I had to relieve myself every 20 minutes. This went on until after midnight when it quietened down. The following day it resurfaced again for the morning and then settled down in the afternoon

Sunday 12th May. I slept in my normal 2-hour shifts and the 5am pee hurt. It hurt in the urine duct. I went back to sleep and just before Jude brought me a coffee the next pee felt as if something was moving down the duct. It came out and there was no more pain. I caught it later when I strained my urine through a chux rag and it was whitish and looked like phlegm. I am sure it is the salt bubble we saw there on the wall. I took photos.


I wrote to the Registrar at Lyell Mc Ewin stating that I will not need a biopsy

It seems that my bladder is aggravated by coffee, fizzy drinks and alcohol of course. I still seem to Pee a litre every night even if I have not drunk any liquid since morning smoko. I think this is because I don’t get any exercise to sweat the water out of my body.


28th June 2019


On this day Judith and I celebrated 50 years of Marriage. WOW!

Look, all marriages struggle at times but we two weathered the storms and have come clear after 50 years.

We were married by the newly appointed Registrar in Darwin in Judith’s school friend Annette’s house. Roy, her husband, was a Policeman and a house was provided with the job. So I came up with the idea to celebrate our 50th with them. They now live in Bundaberg, Queensland.
After much soul searching we decided not to tow the van this time, but to stay in Motels along the way there and back. This also gave us the opportunity to go Sandpoint near Brisbie Island to catch up with friends we have not see for a while. In Bundaberg we would stay with Ross and Nancy as they have a very level house. Roy and Annette’s house was on three levels and impossible for me to move around in with a wheelchair.

August 2019…My bladder continues to produce at least a litre of fluid per night irrespective of drinking lots of liquid or not. My weight seems to hang around the 105kg mark and I just can’t seem to get below that. This month and I have broken the ice and have had a beer with my lunch and a light wine for dinner. Life should not be too boring. 29th August 2019: My Oncologist and my Radiologist ae both very happy that a CT Scan has shown me cancer free. All good news.

Winter has been very cold for us and we are talking about heading north again next year

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