RESTLESS/Chapter 20


USA visitor

My brother, Bernie, made contact with me early in January, stating that his youngest son, Nick, was interested in visiting us but was waiting on a new passport and an electronic visa. This was done by the 8th of January and he flew out straight away, losing a day in the transit of space across the International Date Line, arriving here on the 10th.
I did not want to go through the electronic body scans but at that juncture Judith walked forward and we were caught up in the queue. Body scanned, patted down, shoes off, wheelchair scanned and we were through! And then we missed Nick where the passengers come off the plane. So down in the lift we go and there was Nick. We had seen him last when he was 5 years of age and now he is 25.
We had a lovely week together. We learned about all the exciting things that he had done in his young life and his aspirations and we took him around where we lived and also some of the country towns and what they were known for. All too soon our time together came to an end when we dropped him of at the airport for his flight back to the USA.


I had to see an Opthalmologist when we were in the city and he has referred me on to an eye surgeon who will repair cataracts in my eyes.  The swelling in my left leg has gone right down but the pain in my back still persists and I have new areas of numbness to my neck. Mobility is static.

The Eye Surgeon said that although there was a little increase of glaucoma it was not necessary to have an operation and to come back in 2 years time. He was willing to put a stent in my Macula but said it was not necessary at this point in time. We went home.

I was all clean and dressed up buzzing along Railway Terrace on Saturday, 29th February, 2020 when my wheelchair hit a hidden pot hole in the street and I was spat out on the tarmac landing on my face. I was very kindly taken to the hospital by a stranger. I did not need stitching but was patched up by the nurses and I was able to go home at 5pm. Two days later and I am still smarting.It took a month to recover and in the interim we bought an electric battery operated scooter. Soon after the time had come to sell the Datto and my you friend, Tim Froling from Orroroo bought it for a song. And so, for the first time in 40 years I own no car nor 4×4. *Sigh*

Mid April and the Coronavirus is world wide. A Pandemic. We are all in virtual lock-down and under Martial Law although no one has mentioned those words yet. I have Self isolated since 5th March with the exceptions of about four tricycle rides. Judith goes to the shops once per week.
Australia is doing well with only 74 deaths in 6500 infections mainly brought in by Cruise Ships. Italy has recorded 20,000+ deaths and the USA more than 40,000. It looks like we will be in Self Isolation for a while! Like 180 days! We have to be vigilant.

Still going well but back is very weak and I cannot stand for more than 3 seconds.

6th June: I feel stronger. My weight seems to have dropped a couple of kilos as both Jude and I are attempting to eat less. BUT, it is hard. Various social media pages are trying to lay the blame for cancer on unknown entities and which only God can repair.

My reply:
God is fiction. Invented by humans so that they can blame someone else for their own foibles. Man’s interference with the ecology of our planet and the burning of fossils fuels, driven by greed is the outcome. Our decadent way of life by interfering with a wholesome standard of living by eating meat and adding sugar to our food has resulted in the exponential growth of cancer. We are our own worst enemy!




to be continued…..


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