RESTLESS/Chapter 15

By January 2015 I had had enough and checked in at the Outpatients Unit and our local Hospital as I couldn’t trust going to the clinic only to wait for a month or so. A young doctor looked after me and over three months went where no other doctor had gone before with high increases of medicine intake and very soon I was on medication that relieved 90% of the discomfort. I still have my falls but I try hard not to. The Clinic has improved its practice since that time. My left leg has swelled up to twice its normal size. Deep vein scan produced nil result.
I am managing my condition but it isn’t easy. I use a 4 wheeled walker to get around.

Desert Rescue
Hindsight is a wonderful thing. “If only” is a catchphrase often used after the event. But in the heat of the moment (and it was...

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Willie Kempen.

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