RESTLESS/Chapter 7

DARWIN 1986 to 1992
We arrived in Darwin and set up camp at Frank Morandini’s Park at Buffalo Creek. We had a good site.

Judith dropped in to the NT News to catch up with some friends and was offered a job straight away. At least we would have some money coming in. She drove the Queen Mary to work and in the traffic all cars gave her a wide berth.

I bought a motorbike off a traveller and that became my conveyance for some time. It was dry season now and the bike went well.

One day the washing machine would not work. I took it outside on to the grass and found a Children’s Python in the. I pulled it out with great care. Holding the snake behind it head it wrapped itself around my arm. I was looking for a victim to play a trick on and found two older people sitting down in the shad...

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