RESTLESS/Chapter 11

Beach-combing the Eyre 2011
 Every year we make an effort to get down the beach for a few days. It is to see the sea and to paddle in the water. It has become a sort of a ritual. And every year we choose a different destination. We normally go in February after the school year commences. February however can have variable weather conditions. It may be extremely hot or rather cold depending on what’s happening in the Southern Ocean. For 2011 we chose to drive to Smoky Bay and start our beachcombing down the Eyre Peninsula Coastline
It was a slow journey, cruising at 80kmh through Horrocks Pass, and down the hill to Port Augusta, where the inevitable shopping took place. Lunch was had at the Eyre Highway intersection and although not a very exciting place one can always waste time by readi...

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