RESTLESS/Chapter 18

9th January 2018 I have been given the ALL CLEAR for cancer by specialists. Next check-up is in September 2018. The trouble is that the scans cannot see inside the bladder. So a Cystoscopy will come along sometime.

Don’t Look Down! 2018

In the Victoria High Country with Ron Moon and Glenn Marshall

I have known Ron and Viv Moon, Travel Writers and Guidebook Publishers, since the late 1980’s and our paths have crossed regularly over the years as we talked about trips to do and places to go. Ron and Viv have however outstripped us by miles with their adventures and I say “Good on ‘em”, as they keep on travelling Australia and the World.

Our first trip together was in 2014 when I joined them with their friends Neil and Chris on a back roads journey through the Nort...

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