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The sentinel

The Secret Cave 1986

In another life, I was working for the Northern Territory Government. Part of my job was to evaluate the viability of small-scale business ventures in the outback. My travels took me on visits by chartered plane to remote locations in all areas of the Territory. On one such a visit, to a station south of the […]

Bungle Bungles / Purnululu 1986

We drove in to the Bungle Bungles after taking the track in to Cattle Creek Yards off the Great Northern Highway. This firm track winds its way through narrow creek beds and quite undulating terrain. I noticed that the wheel tracks in front of us were making small corrugations and it seemed that someone ahead had […]

The Kimberley 1986

At the northern extremity of Western Australia a notorious road crosses this part of the Australian Continent from east to west. The Gibb River Road had always held a fascination for many overlanders and by reputation it is only a track that services half a dozen large cattle stations and provides a road connection between the […]

Namibia Adventure 1984

    Tucked away in the northwest region of Southern Africa, well below the Equator and between the Kunene River in the north and the Orange River in the south, lies the country of Namibia. Its topography is that of an area with a central highland which drops off in all directions to sandy scrub plains […]

Vehicle Launches gone wrong 1980

The ARGO I received a phone call in about March 1980, from the Managing Director of the Toyota Dealership in Darwin, informing me of the launch of the new ‘ARGO’ all-terrain vehicle. The dealer had taken on the franchise for these handy little machines, which would no doubt be of benefit to Government agencies, the Mining […]

One Day in the Wet 1979

Up in the Far North of Australia, there are only two seasons. From May to the end of September the season is known as the “DRY” and from October until the end of April the season is known as the “WET”. During the dry season one could expect warm to hot days with cloudless skies and […]

Wet Season Antics 1978

It was Easter 1978 and we had joined the Suzuki Club of Darwin only a short while before. In those days I was still learning the 4×4 ropes driving a whizz-bang Suzuki 2 stroke. And what a fun little runabout it was. We set off on the Thursday before Easter for Florence Falls (this was long […]

Hi-jinks on the Marraki Plains 1978

At around 8 in the morning the phone rang. Would I like to join the others for a quick drive out to the Marrakai Plains to see if we could bag some wild pigs? We should be back home by 5pm. Seemed OK to me! A quick check with the missus and I was given some […]

Using a beadbreaker

Splitting Rims

Split Rims on four wheel drives is old technology. The technology dates back about 50 years plus now. This rim was invented to make tube repairs a lot easier as on solid steel rims it was hard work getting the tyre off the rim to get to the tube. The advent of tubeless tyres on four […]

Crimson Rosella

Close encounters with wildlife

In my years of travelling the bush I can recall a few unexpected close encounters with wildlife. Some of them were pleasant and some of them downright scary. Spiders Isn’t it funny that such a small living thing could produce so much animosity towards it just because it is what it is. I must admit that […]

Suzuki Days 1977

1977 to 1988 was our time with Suzukis. They took us everywhere Suzuki Tales We were living in Surfers Paradise and one day my old Fairlane broke down for the umpteenth time just opposite a caryard. And there was this little Suzuki on a ramp looking at me. Cost me $2000 in 1977. Amongst jobs I […]

Bogged 1977 -2015

Bogged……..That is just what it means. No forward movement! On our first date all those years ago I bogged the Morris Isis on Casuarina Beach and Judith and I spent an hour digging it out and putting anything we could scavenge from the beach, under the wheels. We then let the tyres down a tad and […]

Some Short Yarns

Op Shop Ungarie NSW. We stopped there to buy phone credit at the Post Office, and upon doing a U-turn in the street, we saw a couple of old blokes sitting on chairs outside an old building. It turned out this was a new Op Shop that had just opened in this small town. It stretched […]

A Flying Kelpie

While Edith, Judith’s Mother, was still alive, we used to visit her on the Gold Coast once or twice a year depending on the demand for attention. It was a 4500 kilometre return drive from where we live. As per always our furry children, Jeddah, the Blue Heeler, and Modesty Blaise, the Kelpie, travelled with us. […]


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