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Alalya Rockhole

Alalya Dreaming 2012

Cupping my hand to drink from the cool water of Alalya Waterhole was a thrill and a culmination of a 30 year dream. After previous attempts to reach it had not eventuated, I was finally here in this very remote place on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert. Accompanied by my mate, Bill, from Alice […]

Gone Walkabout 2012

Just getting away from home is an adventure in itself. Packing the vehicles to go on an extended tour always takes a lot of fine tuning and figuring out just where to store what without increasing the weight carried. This year I have had to build a ramp for our ageing dog Jeddah, who is starting […]

Dinosaur Ant

Beachcombing the Eyre 2011

Every year we make an effort to get down the beach for a few days. It is to see the sea and to paddle in the water. It has become a sort of a ritual. And every year we choose a different destination. We normally go in February after the school year commences. February however can […]

Elim Beach

Elim Beach 2011

Eddy Deemal is a sprightly 85 year old Aboriginal man. He told me he was descended from the Deedarr Tribal Clan of the Cape Bedford Area of Far North Queensland. The Deedarr Clan are known as the Fire-stick people and they traded fire sticks with neighbouring clans and some too with clans further south over time […]

Cape York 2011

The road up the Cape has over the years, caught the imagination of many travellers who may want to drive that distance to the very tip of Australia. In earlier times the access to the Cape has been along the now disused, Overland Telegraph Track, and, with many deep creek crossings, has been quite a challenge […]

Queen Mill Boilers

Maytown 2011

After doing more research about getting to Maytown in the Palmer River Goldfields Reserve the indications were that the way through Palmerville Station was closed due to road damage by the wet season. So we hitched up and made for the alternative route via Whites Creek Road. The turn off is 68km north of Mount Carbine […]


Fossils and Fords 2011

Twice before I had wanted to drive the road along the flank of the Great Basalt Wall and now we were going there. The road starts just before Fletcher Creek on the Charters Towers side via Lolworth Station and culminates in Pentland on the Flinders Highway. The distance is a shade over 200 kilometres and I […]

Northern Exposure 2011

The cold set in around the beginning of May this year and so we brought our travel plans forward by a week and set off heading north east. Our leisurely pace took us to Broken Hill where we topped up with groceries and last minute reminder items, refuelled and then set our sights on heading due […]

Wildflowers 2010

After reading reports of the annual blaze of wildflower colour in the desert dunes near Roxby Downs in South Australia, we decided to take a drive to have a look for ourselves before the plants had run their life cycle. Sturt’s Desert Pea swainsona formosa was named after the European explorer Captain Charles Sturt, in his […]

Bottle Tree Mitchell

Darling Downs journey 2010

Getting across the Great Dividing Range towing with an old slug of a diesel is always a worry as one tends to collect a funeral procession of vehicles behind you with little chance for them to overtake and speed away. After leaving Tweed Heads and a visit to the Bilamil Chemist where we obtained some medicines […]

Chillagie Rocks

Dividing Range Adventures 2010

Our last day in Chillagoe and  we saw Bustards, Butcherbirds, Red Tail Black Cockatoos and Jude saw Bentwing, Sheath-tailed, Horseshoe and Pignose Bats in the cave. The trees around the caves and which resemble the candle tree of Namibia, are commonly known as Helicopter Trees, with a Latin name of jovocoptus americus, so named due to […]


Bound for Chillagoe 2010

We left Walkers Creek camp in Far North Queensland and the bitumen at the start of the gravel section of the Burke Development Road heading east north east. This road runs for around 540km and is often closed for long periods of time during the wet season. This time around there was lots of dust and […]

Cattle Corridor

The Cattle Corridor Byway 2010

    After spending three nights in the RV paddock at Richmond we were on the road heading north along the Cattle Corridor Byway, to Croydon and beyond. The RV Paddock is a fenced area set aside for those travellers who are totally self-sufficient. It has a dump point and drinking water and is provided free […]

The Dinosaur Way 2010

About 100 million years ago the Eromanga Sea covered a part of Australia as depicted on the map in shade. Many species of reptilian dinosaurs were evident in that period and lie buried in the sea mud now turned to stone. Palaeontology in Western Queensland has been active since the early 1800’s. During the 1960’s Lark […]

Min Min sign

The Diamantina River Run 2010

Before leaving Boulia we spent some time at the Stone House Museum, which houses, amongst other exhibits, an excellent display of Marine Fossils of 100 million years ago. Set in the grounds of the museum is an extensive vertebrae and invertebrate fossil display which originates from the Boulia area. A new discovery of an adult Icthyosaur […]

A Binns Track Encounter 2010

We had driven the Plenty and the Donohue Highways before but this time we wanted to drive the only section of the newly created Binns Track in the Northern Territory, that we had not done before, and this route included a visit to Box Hole Meteorite Crater. I visited the Alice Springs Information Centre for more […]

Oodnadatta Track

The Oodnadatta Track 2010

  The Oodnadatta Track is an iconic road made so and famous by the Afghan cameleers of the Nineteenth Century when they transported their goods on camels imported from Afghanistan to missions in the north of South Australia and to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. The Oodnadatta Tack and one of Adam Plate’s famous desert […]

Wilpena Pound in the distance

Flinders Ranges wandering 2010

    We drove east along the road which links Copley to Balcanoona and the Arkaroola Yunta road. It is a very pretty drive through the hills of the Northern Flinders Ranges with many twists and gullies. We bought an icy pole each at Iga Warta Store and Campgrounds along the road and then drove through […]


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