A Monday morning tale.

I have a 4 inch scar across the top of my left foot, which happened when a 250cc Yamaha chainsaw slipped out of my hand when starting, fell to the ground and bounced and on the downward reach it slashed my thong and my foot. Luckily it was a brand new chain and not full of grit. I stopped the profuse bleeding by wrapping a towel around my foot

We were living at Bees Creek N.T. then and Jude drove me in to a clinic in Darwin (25km) where a Doc stitched the wound and told me to take 2 weeks off. The next morning I was sliding the boat in to the South Alligator River at the bridge (200km east of Bees Creek) when I sunk up to my knee in the black river mud. While extracting my leg my shoe stayed behind (it prolly is still there). I did the river tour and went home. Some of the black soil mud stayed behind in my wound and the stitches went rotten giving off an awful pong (smell) and I got told off severely by the Stitches Doc for not taking care and that I will definitely have a scar for life. He wasn’t wrong! But I went back to work the next day as when you are self employed only you are to blame.

But as you can see, I survived that one

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