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Cresting a dune

A Desert Adventure 2004

Uncle Milton and I left home on Sunday 19th Sept and had a good trip up through Hawker and Lyndhurst and motored on to Claytons Bore on the Birdsville Track. Had a lovely sojourn in the artesian spa bath and soothed our aches and pains. I rang Jude on the Satellite phone. There was only one […]

Birdsville Track

Birdsville & Corner Country 2004

Thursday. Leave home on my own at 5.45am. It is a cool morning with the temperature at 2 degrees. A fresh tailwind accompanied me out of town and I was able to cruise at 95 quite comfortably. Lots of kangaroos to be seen. Drive in on Beltana Road to where plaques are at the Afghan well […]


Dust Devils and a Crook Filter 2004

Uncle Milton and I got away at around 10.30am and headed for Terowie. A cold south wind was blowing quite strongly and raised dust devils hundreds of metres in to the sky from the barren plains beyond the Terowie perimeter. We drove by lonely stations along a dusty road until we reached the New South Wales […]

SA/VIC Border Track 2004

We left home in the afternoon on this sunny March day and cruised down to Morgan on the Murray River.  Crossed over the river on the ferry and by 6 pm Uncle Milton and I were all set up at our camp at Hogwash Bend. This particular spot is popular with all Murray River campers but […]

Owen Springs ruin

Owen Springs 2003

The first white men to travel through this country were the explorers, John McDouall Stuart, William Kekwick and Benjamin Head. On 11 April 1860, whilst travelling north along the Hugh River they discovered a large water hole. Stuart named this waterhole Owen Springs. One of the results of this discovery led to the Overland Telegraph Line […]

Dune crest

Gawler and Googs 2003

Uncle Milton and I set off at a leisurely pace in the fresh coolness of a Peterborough morning, heading west. The town of Orroroo, slipped by as the name could slip off your tongue and we headed for Wilmington to buy fuel from our favourite outlet. We cruised over and down Horrocks’ Pass to see the […]

The Eclipse

Chasing the Shadow 2002

The fourth of December, year two thousand and two, turned out to be the day for chasing the shadow. They came from far and wide to see the moon block out the sun. Ceduna on the far west coast of South Australia became a mini city for a few days. Sleepy little Lyndhurst in the far […]

Boab silouette

Gregory National Park 1995

The bash plate that protects the underbelly of our Landcruiser scraped loudly over the jagged dolomite splinters, as we crunched slowly over the exposed limestone ridges. I inched the vehicle forward in first gear low range until it had cleared the obstacle. Then I had a quick look underneath. No worries, just a few marks, I […]

The track in.....

Ruby Gap/Glen Annie Gorge 1994

Published 4×4 Australia Magazine 1994. Republished here 2002. Photos updated 2011 Where the Hale River cuts a swathe through the Amarata Range, 150km east of Alice Springs, the river sands glitter with fragments of sparkling stones. When explorer David Lindsay sifted through the sands of the river bed in search of water, his thirst was quenched. […]

Davenport Range 1994

Published in 4×4 Australia Magazine 1994 As we rush headlong through time towards the dawn of the 21st century a myriad of changes in technology and social structures are taking place. There is a concentrated push by governments of states and countries to develop infrastructures that will carry the populace through into the future, enhancing diversification […]

Well 46

Canning Stock Route 1994

1994 Solo trek from Bililuna to Wiluna in Western Australia.  Some photos updated 2011 We did a Solo north/south crossing of the Canning Stock Route commencing at Alice Springs and along the Tanami Road via Billiluna Station in the north and visiting Wells 51 to 1 and on to the goldmining town of Wiluna in the […]

Rainbow Valley Bluff

Rainbow Valley 1993

Published in 4×4 Australia Magazine 1993 This scenic bluff is part of the James Range just 75km south and 22km east off the Stuart Highway from Alice Springs. The area first came to the notice of Cameleer Noel Fullerton of Camel Outback Safaris in the 1970’s when a local miner took up a quarrying lease over […]

Geomorphic folds

The Eastern MacDonnell Loop 1993

Published in 4×4 Australia Magazine March 1993 Driving into the early morning sunrise along the scarp of the Eastern MacDonnell Ranges you can smell the pure aroma of the Gidgee bush. This rugged part of Central Australia contrasts with the red soils of the ever advancing desert from the east. Scattered thickets of Witchetty shrubs, fuchsia, […]

Stuck in Palm Creek

Back-up on Palm Creek 1992

Published in 4×4 Australia Magazine August 1992. Some photo updates 2011 Back up! Back up! I called to my mates on the radio. Once again we had come to a creek at a point that was impossible to cross. I got out of the vehicle and walked through the six feet high spear grass to find […]

Fern Falls 1992

A waterfall in Central Australia!! Not many would believe you. But sure enough, there it was, hidden away behind a facade river gums, mulga scrub and acacia bushes. Fern Falls Forest   Although not a raging waterfall by tropical standards, a shower of water cascades gently down a series of small waterfalls. Located in the Chewings […]

Crossing Koolpin Creek 1987

Dreamtime and Diggers 1989

Published in 4×4 Australia Magazine 1989. Republished here 2002. Photos updated 2011 Like the Gagudju Clan of Aboriginal people, who spent the past millennia in the northern half of the Western Arnhemland and the Kakadu Escarpment, the Jawoyn people inhabited the upper reaches of what white man named the South Alligator River, to the north, and […]

Remote Fitzmaurice 1988

Published in 4×4 Australia Magazine 1988. Republished here 2002. Photos updated 2011 It took me more that a few minutes to catch my breath, and regain my composure, as I stood poised on a scraggy sandstone pillar on the edge of the Koolendong Valley. I had just completed a seven kilometre bush walk from our camp […]

Florence Falls

Amazing Litchfield 1988

Published in 4×4 Australia Magazine 1988 Trust the Northern Territory Government to come up with a breakthrough in the conservation of our natural heritage. Far away from the hustle and bustle of southern politics and bureaucratic bungling all interested parties have had an input into the Territory’s newest conservation and recreation park. The politicians wanted it, […]


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