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Rising Moon

Stock Routes, Strip Roads and Tracks 2015

                We had spent a few lazy days at Longreach Waterhole on Newcastle Waters Creek, which lies twelve kilometres west of the Community of Elliott on the Stuart Highway. It is a popular spot for tourists who travel in Self Contained vehicles. Bush toilets have been provided but apart […]

Carson River Track

Carson River Track – Kimberley 2015

Some photos by Marla Nightingale(MN) ( Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge them ) Please Note: The Department of Aboriginal Affairs is no longer issuing permits for access to Oombulgurri Lands. This includes all of the eastern section of the Carson River Track. Permits are still being issued for access to the Carson River Escarpment and […]

Ghost gum

Going Walkabout 2015

The cold weather of the the southern climes gets to us every year and so we are preparing for another sojourn out in the tropical bush. Having lost some camping gear in the Datto fire we are embarking on a ‘replacement’ drive for  essential items such as a Tripod for the Billy, an Eco-billy for quick […]

Dry Spinifex grass

Desert Rescue 2015

By January 2015 I had had enough and checked in at the Outpatients Unit and our local Hospital as I couldn’t trust going to the clinic only to wait for a month or so. A young doctor looked after me and over three months went where no other doctor had gone before with high increases of […]

Here I stay

The Datto’s Last Ride 2014

The Desert Road On this adventure I promised to take those with me to the most remote rock-hole in the whole of Australia. Initially I was going to approach this place from our position out from O’Grady’s Well and across the NT/WA Border north of Lake Mackay, but I was refused permission to do this by […]

O'Grady's Well

Lylalya / O’Grady’s Well 2014

Back in the 1970’s I was talking to a bloke about exploration by European explorers and the name of Michael Terry came up and that of a place called O’Grady’s Well and its unique construction. Over the ensuing years I have read most of Michael Terry’s books on his exploits throughout Australia and have attempted to […]

Yandama Bore

Farina to Hawker Gate 2014

I was privileged to be invited along for this journey by Ron and Viv Moon, authors of many Australian Guidebooks. We have been friends for years but had never done a trip together and this was a good opportunity to join the group, which included their long-time friends Neil and Chris, from Western Australia. It had […]

Happy Campfire

Centre Bush Tracks 2014

Heading north along the Stuart Highway out of Alice Springs and through the undulating hills which surround the town, it isn’t long before you see the sign that denotes that now there is no speed limit. The vast distances to travel, between towns and roadhouses in the Northern Territory, has made for the re-introduction of the […]

Dirt Tracks North 2014

On a grey day I passed through the Flinders Ranges heading north for the Oodnadatta Track. There wasn’t actually a forecast for rain in the area but rain it did, although only lightly. I stopped to make a sandwich at the lookout near the Moralana back-road turnoff, and chatted with some overseas visitors, who were trying […]

Great Dividing Range 2014

In the great flatness of the Australian Mainland, the Great Dividing Range, is Australia’s most substantial mountain range. The range stretches more than 3,500 kilometres, running the entire length of the eastern coastline before turning west and finally fading into the central plain at the Grampians of Western Victoria. The width of the range varies but […]

Sturts Meadows Petroglyphs 2013

Although public access is allowed to the Sturts Meadows site one still has to contact the property owner to gain permission to come on to the station. I managed to do that through a local friend of the owner and it worked out well for me as I was able to see the stone carvings on […]

Panaramitee Petroglyphs 2013

  As I follow my hobby of looking for and recording ancient petroglyphs, I am becoming more aware that the ancient peoples of this land lived a lifestyle which had given them time to develop their leisure time skills. Leisure time was there as a result of the ‘wetter’ period of the climatic condition of the […]

Finke River

Finke River Gorge 2013

I first drove this iconic track in 1978 in a Suzuki Ute and about 106 years after Ernst Giles and his party explored this region on horseback. Eighteen years have now passed since I drove this way last. We were then employed contributors to the Discover Australia by 4WD books, which were published by Random House […]

Boiling my Eco billy

The Vale of Tempe 2013

In October of 1872 the Explorer, Ernest Giles, wrote: ” At twelve miles we rode over a low ridge; the country in advance appeared no more inviting than that already travelled. Descending to the lower ground, however, we entered upon a bit better country, covered with green grass there was also some thick Mulga scrub upon […]

Roma Gorge

Prehistoric sites 2013

  Whilst re-inflating our tyres at the side of the road a number of mud splattered vehicles thundered past us on the corrugated Mereenie Loop Road. It always comes as a bit of a shock when you have not seen a soul for days on end to suddenly be confronted by the rip roaring noise of […]

An Unmarked Track 2013

  A little way out of Kalkukatjara (Docker River) Community, we swung off the Tjukaruru Road and headed along a little used track in a north-easterly direction. The track is marked on government mapping for a short distance but after that it disappears from the screen. It is definitely not shown on any other commercial maps […]

SBJR and Mt Leisler

Sandy Blight Junction Road 2013

Len Beadell, Surveyor and Road Builder of Australian Fame, constructed this road in 1960 as part of the Woomera Rocket Range access roads. The road was built from Giles Weather Station in Western Australia and heads north, skirting the Walter Range, and Rebecca Creek, Sir Frederick Range, Mu Hills until it crosses over into the Northern […]

Faint seismic line

A Remote Track 2013

  The old airstrip at the end of the Deering Creek Track, and about 5 kilometres from the Cleland Hills and Mount Winter, was most likely put there to supply food, fuel and parts for the machinery that made the seismic tracks way back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Now totally overgrown, there are […]


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