The Scar

Anne called me up one day. “Hey Willie, I would like you to take Wayne out bush and show him what it is like out there. I’ll pay for the fuel and throw some drinks and a bit of tucker in as well, OK?” How could I refuse? Wayne was eighteen years of age. He had […]

The Child Hunter

In the time frame of sixty years so many things have changed. Although this period from the 1950’s to the new millennium and beyond in which there has not been a world war, we have seen, by the default of isolated world events, a shift in attitude and political opportunism, which has given to a change […]


South Africa is a Rugby-mad country. Just like any other major sport in other countries, Rugby became a fever with those who supported it. As there was no television in my younger life we used to listen to the radio to the various games being played on a Saturday afternoon. And then announcers used to whip […]

Rocks and Tyres Dont Mix

Someone found a car tyre casing. At the top of our side street which ended in a hill climb there was a flat area which had been carved out by a bulldozer some years before. It was put there so that one could turn ones car around in case you wanted to go down the same […]

My Uncle Lex

My Uncle Lex was a real character. He was an unknown quantity and I never got to the bottom of all his stories of his escapades through life which he so fondly let me have snippets of throughout the years that I knew him. Christened Dan Alexander Schweizer, he was my uncle, as he was married […]

My First Drive

I learned my driving skills at an early age. It was as if my dad could not wait for me to grow up. I was eight years of age when I drove my dad’s Chrysler for the first time. My dad and his good friend Oom Andries, used to drive around in the veld on weekends, […]


He was my younger brother by six years. He had blonde hair, a soft face, blue eyes and his features were similar to his mothers and those of her family. Of all three brothers he was the most gentle and placid and had a brilliant grasp of mathematics for such a young mind. He was clever […]

Jaco and the Diamond Differential

I had met Jaco at the hotel in Windhoek where he was having a drink with my old school friend, Tini. At first I had though that they were casual acquaintances but as it turned out, they had known one another for some years and had met up in Windhoek by accident. Jaco and his elder […]

Guy Fawkes Night

“Please to remember / The 5th November: Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. We know no reason / Why Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot.” I sometimes wondered if Guy Fawkes Night was meant for us kids or for the grown ups. After all, the grown ups went and bought all the firecrackers, organised the meat and salads […]

Go West Young Man

Who coined that phrase? Somehow, whenever I had worked my self in to a situation from which there seemed to be no escape or no future, I wanted to get as far away from it as possible. I had had a failed romance, a mediocre job and now I was being sought after, by the Police. […]

German Willie

So many people in the world have similar names. In different countries of the world the name changes in its pronunciation but the tone stays the same. How many males named Peter, John, Michael, Andrew, William do you know? They could also be Petrus, Johan, Michiel, Andries or Willem or Piedro, Giovanni, Michello, Andreas or Guillaume. […]

First Six Months in Oz

I had met this older lady, on one of our tours, when working for Springbok Safaris in Cape Town, and she offered me a job in her travel business in Wisconsin, United States of America. I agreed to come but stated that I would drop in to Australia along the way for three months, just to […]

Darwin 1968

I spent my first night in Darwin on Mindil Beach. It was a warm, balmy night and after having something to eat at Rocky’s Place, next to the Kerry Manolas Pharmacy in Mitchell Street, I caught a cab down to the beach area. There had been a tropical downpour during the day while we were all […]

Cats at the End of My Bed

Even now, at the later stage in my life, I am still a bad sleeper. Something to do with an overactive mind, which makes me go into a trance of detailed dreams, nothing of which I can remember in the morning. Even though my hearing is not the best, the slightest little noise would rouse me […]

Army Days

I was never called up to do my National Service as most young South Africans were in the 1960’s and 70’s. Somehow I missed the draft. It never really interested me. My Uncle Henry, who was a Colonel in the Defence Force, started chewing my ear about joining up. It was a good career move and […]

City Slicker

The day I stood outside the army barracks having bought myself out of my contract with the Defence Force, I wondered where my adventure would take me to next. I got into my Fiat Bambino and drove to my uncle’s place where I spent a couple of days relaxing around the pool. The weekend came up […]

What? 42 bottles!

The late summer afternoon was fading with the sun dipping below the ridge of the Karoo koppie. The twittering of finches high up in the willow trees and the creak of a bicycle chain being pedalled hard, broke the absolute quietness of our street in that space of time. Brinkman Street had a slight rise at […]

A Lion Caper

Growing up in Africa I had a healthy respect for the wild, as it is one of the continents of the world where one could become lunch or dinner of another carnivore at any given time. Whereas elephants, rhinoceros and hippopotamus may charge at you and trample you to death, lions could catch you and eat […]