RESTLESS/Chapter 19

2019 At the end of February we drove to Adelaide for a CT scan and Blood test. Result will be consulted in Adelaide on 14th March. I have been taken off the Bladder Scrape list at the Lyell McEwin Hospital. I just don’t trust them to do a safe procedure. The oncologist told me that the […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 18

2018 9th January 2018 I have been given the ALL CLEAR for cancer by specialists. Next check-up is in September 2018. The trouble is that the scans cannot see inside the bladder. So a Cystoscopy will come along sometime.   Don’t Look Down! 2018   In the Victoria High Country with Ron Moon and Glenn Marshall […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 17

2017 On 16th January I received a specialist’s comment to my condition via my Doctor and a call from the Urology Department to say that I will be in consultation with a Specialist soon. But nothing happened after that. Then I had my now new doctor intervene as she had worked at the Lyell McEwin and […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 16

Tasmania 2016 Eastern Half This will be a roving report for the next three months commencing 12th February. Loading the car and caravan on the ferry was an adventure in itself with only millimetres to spare each side (or so it seemed). Jude took a seasick pill, the doggies were tranquilised and I had a few […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 15

2015 By January 2015 I had had enough and checked in at the Outpatients Unit and our local Hospital as I couldn’t trust going to the clinic only to wait for a month or so. A young doctor looked after me and over three months went where no other doctor had gone before with high increases […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 14

2014 My condition for my back and neck deteriorated and I went to see a local GP in January of 2014. What followed was a 7 month saga of seeing a different Locum every time I went to the clinic and getting nowhere near the correct medicines. I had a Cat-scan done and the principal doctor […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 13

2013  2013 was the year that my life would change forever My alarm bells rang when my weight gain reached 121.5kgs on 1st February 2013. Worried about the possible onset of diabetes, I resolved to cut out certain foods to try and regulate my weight. So I  ceased eating snacks, biscuits and sweets and cut out […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 12

   2012 Christmas and New Year is normally spent at home. Some-times we have guests but most times it is just the two of us, and Jeddah  the Always Hungry Dog.   Gone Walkabout 2012 Just getting away from home is an adventure in itself. Packing the vehicles to go on an extended tour always takes […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 11

Beach-combing the Eyre 2011  Every year we make an effort to get down the beach for a few days. It is to see the sea and to paddle in the water. It has become a sort of a ritual. And every year we choose a different destination. We normally go in February after the school year […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 10

  2006 to 2010 By 2006 I was walking without the aid of a walking stick and I was feeling good. Judith declined to come on camping trips and so I took mates along with me in the Datto and others came along in their vehicles. I invited Internet friends along on all the trips to […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 9

1995 to 1999 On the road making and selling craft Peterborough 2000 – 2005 We had hardly shaken the dust off our travels around Australia when we were off to spend some time with friends in South Africa and from there we flew to London for a week and then on to San Francisco to visit […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 8

Alice Springs May  1992 to July 1995 We set our caravan up in the G’day Mate Caravan Park with ensuite facilities. Judith brought her company car, a Toyota Lexcen, a GM Product collaboration also sold as Holden Commodore in Australia. I needed to find employment and started collecting aluminium cans discarded at select drinking places and […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 7

DARWIN 1986 to 1992 We arrived in Darwin and set up camp at Frank Morandini’s Park at Buffalo Creek. We had a good site. Judith dropped in to the NT News to catch up with some friends and was offered a job straight away. At least we would have some money coming in. She drove the […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 6

  Back to Australia Whilst we were away from Australia the dollar had been floated on to the international market which made it much stronger against the South African Rand. Our other money was still in transit and instead of having $10,000 to buy a car and a caravan we had $7500. We had organised with […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 5

South Africa September 82-Oct 84 I caught up with Judith at Jan Smuts (now Oliver Tambo) Airport where she was worried sick about me. I was sort of sober when I arrived. Judith had made some friends on the journey to South Africa and they guided her along and helped her stow the luggage. We had […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 4

  Australia 1976 to 1982 The next two days we looked for cars and eventually settled for a Ford Panel van. I wanted to buy a new Suzuki 4×4 for less money than the Ford but was overruled by Judith. The third day we were on our way north up the Hume Highway to Sydney, and […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 3

South Africa Part One   The majestic Table Mountain and those iconic places of habitat along the coast came into view I was forced to reconcile myself with the fact that I loved the place. The weather. The fresh winds, the humid pockets of extreme plant growth where the Cicada’s keep up the heavy tune by […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 2

  Falling around   Return to Darwin There are so many aspects to our lives, and the things we did or attempted to do, that I am only going to recall some of the high lights. In the new year of 1970 I landed a job with Renault Australia working in Vehicle Allocations, the Department that […]