A Monday morning tale. I have a 4 inch scar across the top of my left foot, which happened when a 250cc Yamaha chainsaw slipped out of my hand when starting, fell to the ground and bounced and on the downward reach it slashed my thong and my foot. Luckily it was a brand new chain […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 20

January and a visitor arrived from the USA for an 8-day visit. We rolled out the red carpet and showed off the essence of rural South Australia and some outback. Took this person to places where a Cell phone does not work. February and we toured the Fleurieu Peninsula with our van in tow Then the […]

Stuart Memorial

RESTLESS/Chapter 14

Self ..Great Dividing Range ..Dirt Tracks North  ..Centre Bush Tracks ..Farina to Hawker Gate ..Ylalya / O’Grady’s Well ..The Datto’s Last Ride Self My condition for my back and neck deteriorated and I went to see a local GP in January of 2014. What followed was a 7 month saga of seeing a different Locum every […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 4

Melbourne ..Surfers Paradise ..Darwin ..Vehicle Launches gone wrong 1980 ..Hi Jinks on the Marrakai Plains ..One day in the Wet ..Hunting Magpie Geese ..Wet Season antics ..Bees Creek House and Bush block ..The Scar ..On the move again ..Adcock Falls ..Broome ..No sleep and too much whiskey Melbourne The next two days we looked for cars […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 3

South Africa ..Our own home ..Learning Afrikaans ..Father dies ..Hobby Farm ..Movies ..Boyz night out ..Aunt Vera ..Montana ..Strand ..Mauritius ..Melbourne ..Surfers Paradise ..Back to Darwin     South Africa The majestic Table Mountain and those iconic places of habitat along the coast came into view I was forced to reconcile myself with the fact that […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 2

Return to Darwin ..Heading South ..Off we go again ..Surfers Paradise and Daydream Island ..Sydney ..MV Marconi ..Richard Return to Darwin There are so many aspects to our lives, and the things we did or attempted to do, that I am only going to recall some of the high lights. In the new year of 1970 […]

RESTLESS/Chapter 1

Childhood 1940’s ..Victoria West ..The Town below the written mountain..Rocks and tyres don’t mix ..42 bottles ..A fruit grower’s revenge ..Guy Fawkes night ..The child hunter ..My first drive ..Boarding School ..Rugby ..Guns are not dangerous ..Julian ..My Uncle Lex and Aunt Vera ..Work ..South West Africa ..Army days ..City Slicker ..Go West young man ..German […]

Staying alive

No matter what the word ascribes, we all take drugs at some stage of our lives, from the day we are born to the day that we leave this mortal coil. Somehow I was born a sickly child. My first encounter with drugs was when I was rushed seven hundred kilometres along a road which was […]

Living with cancer

As there has never been a reported cancer sufferer  in our family tree, it came as a surprise to me when my GP at the time blurted out to me that I had cancer in the month of May 2016. But let me start at the beginning. As a child I was fascinated by the opportunity that […]

Darwin 1968

I spent my first night in Darwin on Mindil Beach. It was a warm, balmy night and after having something to eat at Rocky’s Place, next to the Kerry Manolas Pharmacy in Mitchell Street, I caught a cab down to the beach area. There had been a tropical downpour during the day while we were all […]