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Whale Watching 2019

  At the the first inkling of warmer weather I started thinking about a trip somewhere. However, being disabled I need help along the way in the form of a person who can do some basic chores like helping out of the driver’s seat into the wheelchair and vice versa and loading and unloading the same […]

Australia Traversed 1968-2019

  I was born in South Africa and spent my youth reading books about adventure and dreaming about far away places. I started driving my dad’s car at the age of 8 and had to wait another 10 years to get my driving licence. My first car was an Anglia 100E in 1963 and since that […]


Travelling Set-up 2019

  We were living in a caravan for nigh on 10 years and 5 years of that we were on the road full time, travelling and working. Then we bought a cottage in a quiet rural town and settled down for a while. Health issues saw to it that I did not get out too much […]

Bogged in rocks

My 4×4’s

I started off, by chance, owning my first 4×4. It was a 1976 Suzuki LJ50 2-stroke. What marvelous little machines they were. When I bought this one we were living on the Gold Coast and every available minute I was out along from Main Beach running up and over the dunes. Then we moved back to […]

King Billy Track

The end of an era 2019

  I was struggling to walk by February 2018 and used a Walker to help myself around when I was away from the house Then on 17th March 2018 I had a Sciatica event whereby a vertebra in my back crumbled and pinched a nerve. I was as if my legs had been knocked out from […]

Don’t Look Down ! 2018

In the Victoria High Country with Ron Moon and Glenn Marshall (Click on Thumbnail photos to enlarge them) I have known Ron and Viv Moon, Travel Writers and Guidebook Publishers, since the late 1980’s and our paths have crossed regularly over the years as we talked about trips to do and places to go. Ron and […]

Silo Art Trail 2017

The best thing to do during the week between Christmas and New Year, is to hook the van on the back of the MUX and go for a drive. This drive was to find and follow the Silo Art Trail in Western Victoria Silo Art is a newish phenomenon of large art galleries and it is […]

Feet up at Innamincka 2017

Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge them Out of nowhere a week appeared between social engagements and medical appointments and we packed our Crusader X-Country Caravan, hooked it up to the Isuzu MUX, and sped away with only a loose idea of where we were going.   The first thing that strikes you as you move […]

My Beanie

Beanie Festival 2017

She started on me as early as last year, as we were planning more things but not knowing where our lives were going to take us as my Doctor had blurted out to me during our home visit in May, that I had cancer. “I would like to go to the Beanie Festival in Alice Springs […]

February Heat 2017

Last year we did long term travelling leaving home for three months at a time but circumstances have changed and this year we are looking for short getaways to hideaways within a comfortable distance How we picked going away in to a heat wave is above suspicion. We gave it a scant glance as this week […]

New Year’s Seclusion 2017

(click on Thumbnail photos to enlarge them) The older you get the more peace you want in your life and noisy parties and drunken behaviour are things to be avoided. And so we always aim to go somewhere quiet for our New Years camping trip although these days we travel in sedated luxury and can hardly […]

Ron the Tour Guide

Cobbold Gorge 2016

I had heard of Cobbold Gorge on a previous visit to Far North Queensland and kept it in mind for a future visit. Along the way on our journey to include Cobbold Gorge in to our itinerary this year, we stopped for a rest at Mount Garnet Caravan Park “No way am I going to take […]

Destination Weipa 2016

  Having done all the necessary jobs and visitations as far as Bundaberg, we set off on a new adventure to visit new places and ones we had been to long ago. New roads are the order of the day but unfortunately they are built on the foundations of the old ones and remain bumpy and […]

Escaping the cold 2016

  Throughout life we are forever escaping from something. The older one gets the more susceptible our bodies become to the vagaries of the weather. Trying to find the best weather, however, is normally a journey of some thousands of kilometres in this vast island continent. We lived in harmony with the weather in Darwin until […]

And there - Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder 2016

Having driven to most of the ‘bucket list’ places in Tasmania there still remained a few places to go where we have been excluded from as we have our ‘Furry Child’ travelling with us. So whilst camped at ‘Old Mac’s Campground’ in Launceston,  I took the opportunity to drive out to the ski fields’ iconic road […]

Bass Strait in the distance

Tasmania 2016 Western Half

Halfway through our Tasmania holiday. 6 weeks down and 6 to go Camped at Turners Beach in Caravan Park run by Lions Service Club Drove to Burnie via Penguin along some of the shoreline but access is difficult as a rail line and wild scrub stops frequent access. No beaches either, just rocks On the way […]


Tasmania 2016 Eastern Half

This will be a roving report for the next three months commencing 12th February. Loading the car and caravan on the ferry was an adventure in itself with only millimetres to spare each side (or so it seemed). Jude took a seasick pill, the doggies were tranquilised and I had a few beers before sleep. It […]

Hancock's Lookout

Wandering the Eyre 2015

  We set off from home earlier than expected on our weekend away. The fierce west wind had been blowing all day and now at 6pm it had started to dissipate as we headed into it. Our destination for the first night was Hancock’s Lookout in the Southern Flinders Ranges. We had not visited there in […]


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