Living with cancer

As there has never been a reported cancer patient in our family tree, it came as a surprise to me when my GP at the time blurted out to me that I had cancer in the month of May 2016! But let me start at the beginning. As a child I was fascinated by the opportunity […]

Horses and I

Just between you and me…..I don’t get on with horses and they don’t like me either. It must be something in my psyche. It is a mutual understanding between two species. I was only a toddler when there was an auction at Melton Wold, Victoria West District, in the middle 1940’s. My Dad was the auctioneer […]


I have written this story in the hope that the reader may learn or take away something from our experiences This is a story about two Mothers in the declining years of their lives Our mothers carried us for nine months, bore us with pain, fed us, nursed us and looked after us, looked after all […]

Marrakai Swamp

You’re mad….you bastard !!

Hunting Magpie Geese:   I was working for a government instrumentality in Darwin. The government used to hire consultants to advise on aspects of business promotion. One such consultant by the name of Ron and I became firm friends. He was a few years my senior and hailed from South Australia. Ron was a businessman from […]

Water drum and Shade sails

Our house 1999-2015

One of the first changes we made to our house when we bought it in November of 1999, was to have Batts Insulation pads fitted in the ceiling. We then fitted heavy curtains to the windows and later we installed Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning in three rooms and set the temperature at 23°C. We regulate what we […]

Painting the Town Red

My brother was at home from studying at university for the duration of the summer holidays and we were living in Victoria West for a short while, after coming back from Australia, where Judith and I had married in the late ‘60’s. On this night Judith had already turned in for the day and was fast […]

Blou Oog

So elke nou en dan, en veral in vakansie tye, was daar ‘n partytjie gehou op ‘n plaas êrens in die distrik. Ons jong mense, as ons nie deur ‘n ouer vergesel was nie, het altyd ‘n ry-geleentheid gesoek met iemand wie ons geken het, of iemand aangeraai deur die mense wie die partytjie gehou het. […]

A Fruit Growers Revenge

P and K were two of the naughtiest kids in our town, and their families were at their wits end as to what to do with them. If they weren’t getting into mischief at school they were getting into mischief elsewhere. They did some classic naughty things at school and drove one teacher to distraction. One […]

The Leaning Bucket

Old Uncle Koos van der Merwe lived in Main Street of town. His wife had predeceased him some years before and his children had moved away to other towns to seek their fortunes. His house must have been built in the days of horse and cart as the veranda fronted on to the sidewalk of Main […]

The Wedding – Darwin Style

Not that I had marriage in mind, mind you, but this thing sort of just came along. I was 26 and she was 22 and we met at a ‘late night session’ at the old Fannie Bay Hotel along the foreshore of Fannie Bay. It blew away in the cyclone, you know. Our first encounter was […]

A Pigs Tale

Take four blokes, three dogs, one 30-06 rifle(insurance), hunting knives, Tirfor winch, some cable, some chain, a huge esky full of cold beer, a Tojo 45, and you have a good recipe for some action. Up north one arvo, I met some wild blokes in the Hayes Creek Pub. I was passing through and decided to […]

Datsun Cogs

It happened in the year 1970. John Rice, Sales Manager for Outback Pumps, Engines and Reticulation, commonly known as OPER, was on a visit to the Northern Territory, to consult with existing customers, and to drum up more business. As his outback travel took him to remote localities his company provided him with a Datsun Patrol […]

Going to the dentist

The Indus Valley Civilization has yielded evidence of dentistry being practiced as far back as 7000 BC. This earliest form of dentistry involved curing tooth related disorders with bow-drills operated, perhaps, by skilled bead craftsmen. The reconstruction of this ancient form of dentistry showed that the methods used were reliable and effective. A Sumerian text from […]

The Dogmans Offsider

I really had no idea what I wanted to do or become once I left school. Both my parents had high hopes for me in the beginning. My Father had achieved Batchelor of Law and Batchelor of Commerce degrees and was a practising Attorney and my Mother achieved a Honours Degree in Applied Mathematics, English and […]

Guns are not dangerous

I relate this tale from my youth, in Africa. I shall keep the names anonymous by using the first letter only. There was me and T and M. T and M and were cousins. I was not related to them. We would either spend the weekend on T’s farm on the plains or my Aunt’s farm […]

The Scar

Anne called me up one day. “Hey Willie, I would like you to take Wayne out bush and show him what it is like out there. I’ll pay for the fuel and throw some drinks and a bit of tucker in as well, OK?” How could I refuse? Wayne was eighteen years of age. He had […]

The Child Hunter

In the time frame of fifty years so many things have changed. Although this period from the 1950’s to the new millennium and beyond in which there has not been a world war, we have seen, by the default of isolated world events, a shift in attitude and political opportunism, which has given to a change […]


South Africa is a Rugby-mad country. Just like any other major sport in other countries, Rugby became a fever with those who supported it. As there was no television in my younger life we used to listen to the radio to the various games being played on a Saturday afternoon. And then announcers used to whip […]